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General information on Czech Republic

Those who would like to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful countries in Europe should not miss the Czech Republic - a beautiful country situated in the very heart of Europe.

The number of foreign visitors to the Czech Republic has been increasing sharply over the last several years. Many come back after their first visit, to enjoy together with others all that the Czech Republic has to offer. The main advantage of the Czech Republic is the wealth, diversity and accessibility of cultural, historical and natural places of interest, all concentrated in a relatively small space that boast very serviceable standards of accommodation and dining facilities.

Complete information about Czech Republic is available at the official website of the Czech Republic at or

Currency and exchange rates

The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown = Ceska koruna (CZK = Kč). Exchange of foreign currency is available at Prague international Airport and at most hotels, banks and exchange offices throughout the country. International credit cards are accepted for payments in hotels, restaurants and shops. Payment in cash in EUR is also available in some restaurants and shops.

The exchange rate is around 25 CZK for an Euro; you can find an up-to-date, official exchange rates on the website of the Czech National Bank at


The Czech Republic uses a 230 volt 50 Hz system, sockets have the European standard and plugs are three-prong grounded.

Time Zone

The Czech Republic is on Central European Time - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 1 hour. From April to October is summer time, i.e. GMT + 2 hours.


The early fall weather in the Czech Republic can be hardly predictable in advance. The current weather conditions you can find for example here.

Information about coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic

The University of Hradec Králové (UHK) is in close cooperation with responsible institutions, especially the Regional Authority for Public Health in Hradec Králové (KHS KHK), UHK follows their instructions from the beginning. We highly recommend following the actual development on the website of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or of the respective offices in your home country or other serious sources. We hope the situation will get better before May.